Bond Insurance

If you’re looking for an insurance plan that will guarantee you solid financial strength, you’ve come to the right place. Regardless if you’re an individual seeking one type of bond, or a business with multiple bonds, Slocum Insurance can protect them all. Slocum Insurance has competence in underwriting, control of expenses, reserves adequacy and a soundness in their investments, making them competition for other bond insurance programs nationwide. We can help you with a variety of bonds, such as contract bonds, license bonds, public official bonds, court bonds, probate bonds and more.

Bonds are important for your financial stability, so don’t risk your finances falling apart because you didn’t invest in bond insurance. While it’s not a physical asset like a house or a motorcycle, bond insurance is still imperative for your life.

What is a Bond?

Bond insurance, also known as financial guaranty insurance, is a type of insurance where the company guarantees scheduled payments of interest on a bond. You pay a premium as either a lump sum or in installments.

There are also bonds for your business which help protect your interests. There are two types: Surety bonds and Fidelity bonds.

  • A surety bond is used to guarantee a principal’s integrity as well as compliance with a law or contract.  These bonds can be used for contractors and commercial businesses that follow governmental rules. A surety bond can also be used to protect parties from any losses stemming from a court decision.
  • A Fidelity bond protects your business from employee theft either from you, your business, or your customers.

Slocum Insurance Will Make Sure Your Bond Stay Safe

Of all the companies that offer bond insurance, Slocum Insurance in Dallas, Pa. can help you prepare for the unexpected today. We want to make sure your investment in your bonds does not end up in the wrong hands or worse. We work with companies that offer bond insurance, such as Travelers, Briar Creek, Progressive and Encompass, to provide you with a range of bond insurance policies. Our Luzerne County bond insurance agents will work with you and help you decide which bond insurance policies are best for you, based on your needs.

Don’t wait for something bad to happen. Prepare for it ahead of time so you’re not left stressing about it later. By working with Slocum Insurance Agency, you can rest assured that, no matter what accident may happen, your finances and bonds will be covered. Let us protect your bonds while you invest in them.

If you’re from the Back Mountain area, call Slocum Insurance today to decide which bond insurance policies are right for you.

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