Life Insurance

We all know how the story goes. You’re born into this world, ready to take on what is thrown your way. You enjoy your childhood, filled with games, coloring and recess. You continue on into puberty, beginning with the crushes and hormones. Eventually, you grow up, you marry, have kids, enjoy a career and finally retire. You watch as your family moves on with their lives in the same progression. As your days come to an end, you can look back on your life fondly. But what if that’s not how your life played out?

Life insurance is not something to take lightly. If something were to happen to you before you planned on it, what would your loved ones do without you? They would grieve; they would remember you and keep you in their memories. But what would happen if you were the provider for the family?

Life Insurance Makes Sure Your Family is Financially Secured

In this situation, you would want to make sure your loved ones would be financially secure in the event of your passing. You would want those who are most important in your life are protected in case difficult times were to arise.

When choosing life insurance, it’s important you understand the different types. There are three different types of insurance to choose from:

  • Term Insurance – A lower cost option, this insurance provides coverage for a specific length of time. It’s good protection if you should happen to die unexpectedly.
  • Whole Life Insurance – This option builds on value based upon a set schedule. You will know the exact cash value of your policy with each anniversary of the policy.
  • Universal Life Insurance – This option earns a fixed interest rate on the cash value of the policy. Although the interest rate will fluctuate with time, your policy will never go below a minimum rate.
  • Variable Universal Life Insurance – This let’s you invest the cash value of the policy in the stock market. So the amount your policy is worth can go up or down based on the performance of your investment choices.

Slocum Insurance is There for Your Family

You can’t put a price on family, but with Slocum Insurance you can choose the best life insurance policies for your family’s needs. By doing everything you can for your loved ones right now, you’ll be sure they will be able to continue on in the future. At the Back Mountain’s Slocum Insurance Agency, we work with the best life insurance companies to provide you with a range of life insurance policy options. Our Luzerne County insurance agents will help you decide which life insurance policies are best for you and your family, based on your needs and wants. So if you’re looking for a life insurance policy that will cover whatever may come your way, call Slocum Insurance today.

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