Rental Property Insurance

Being a landlord can be a stressful experience. You never really know who is moving into your property. Nine times out of ten, the tenant turns out to be a great person. But there is always a wild card who could leave your property in a terrible shape. Maybe there’s a fire and you’re going to need to gut out the entire kitchen. Or a storm causes a few shingles to come loose and now there’s a leak in one of your units.

Anything can happen and without the proper rental property insurance in place, you may a large repair bill on your hands.

What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?

Whether your rental property is single-family dwelling or a duplex, you need to know what is covered under landlord insurance from Slocum Insurance. Our coverage includes:

  • Your residential rental property
  • Other structures on that property, such as a garage or shed
  • Items on the premises that belong to you that is being used by your tenants, such as a washer and dryer

In addition to typical coverage, you can get your policy to be tailored to fit any of your needs, such as lock replacement, personal injury protection, fair rental value coverage, and inflation protection.

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We know your rental properties are your business investment and we want to make sure you’re covered for any emergencies. We work with insurance companies, such as Travelers, Briar Creek, Progressive and Encompass, to provide you with a range of options. Our local insurance agents will help you decide which company insurance plan is best for you, based on the needs and wants of you and your employees. The rental property insurance policy we select will, guaranteed, protect your assets. You can rely on Luzerne County’s Slocum Insurance to provide the best company insurance you need, whenever you need it.

Out of all of the landlord insurance companies, let Slocum Insurance worry about protecting your business so you can focus on running it. We will take care of your dream with the same dedication you have. Your business will thank you in the long run if you rely on Slocum Insurance.

If you’re from the Back Mountain area, call Slocum Insurance today to decide the best business insurance plan that is right for you.

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