Workers Compensation Insurance

It’s a normal day in the office. Everyone is doing what they’re supposed to. You’re in your office looking over paperwork. Suddenly, smoke fills the office building. People are beginning to cough and have trouble breathing.  Everyone quickly evacuates and those overcome by smoke inhalation are taken to the hospital. Once they’ve been checked out by the doctor, it’s concluded that a few who suffered the worst will need to take time off to heal. As the employer, they will need to depend on your workers compensation insurance to pay for the medical costs.

What is Workers Compensation?

Workman’s compensation insurance is required by law in almost every state and is designed to protect employees and companies in the long run. This type of insurance protects employees against termination or loss of finances caused by an injury or illness obtained as a result of duties performed at work. Workers compensation covers the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Death benefits for the employee’s family
  • Any legal fees in case the employee decides to sue

In Pennsylvania, the workers compensation law states that every business owner with employees, no matter how big or small, must have an active workers compensation policy in place.  So if you’re a business owner who has even one employee, you’re going to need to buy workers comp. But for how much? That’s why you need Slocum Insurance to explain it to you.

Slocum Insurance Will Get You the Coverage You Need

While the most effective way to lower your workers compensation claims is to prevent accidents from happening, sometimes they are unavoidable. In this case, Slocum Insurance in Dallas, PA, can help you resolve claims effectively and efficiently. We work with the best workers compensation insurance companies, such as Travelers, Briar Creek, Progressive and Encompass, to provide you with a range of worker’s compensation insurance options. Our Luzerne County insurance agents will help you decide which workman’s compensation insurance plan is best for you, based on needs and wants of you and your employees.

If you’re from the Back Mountain area, call Slocum Insurance today to decide which workers compensation insurance plan is right for you.

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