Renters Insurance

You’ve just graduated college and got your first full-time job. You’re in a new city, in a new apartment and you’re excited for what the future holds for you. Unfortunately, the future holds possible break-ins and unexpected damages to your new apartment. It’s not something you ever see coming, but it is something you need to prepare for.

Renters insurance is something every tenant needs to have. It is an affordable way to protect your belongings and yourself from unexpected damages and injuries. Renters insurance will cover your belongings, your apartment, and even your guests in case of any unplanned mishaps. Not to mention, if something were to happen in your apartment, you may have to stay in a hotel until the damage is fixed.

Why Won’t My Landlord’s Insurance Cover the Cost?

You may think to yourself that your landlord’s insurance will cover everything that could happen, but in all actuality, you would be wrong. Most landlord insurances only cover the building itself, not what happens on the inside. Your valuables are not covered. Although the landlord will be covered for any damage to the apartment itself, everything within that apartment (i.e. your TV, your couch, your Playstation 4, etc.) is not covered.

For example: Say you leave your new, expensive laptop you just got for graduation in your apartment while you’re at work, and the person living next to you sets off the fire alarm. This causes all the sprinklers on the floor to go off. Your laptop now has water damage. You probably can’t afford to replace it on an entry-level position’s salary. This is why you need Slocum insurance.

How Slocum Insurance Can Help

At Slocum Insurance in Dallas, PA, we work with the best tenant insurance companies, such as Travelers, Briar Creek, Progressive and Encompass, to provide you with a range of tenant rental insurance options. Our Luzerne County insurance agents will help you decide which tenant rental insurance plan is best for you, based on your needs and wants. When thinking about tenant rental insurance, always remember it’s what is on the inside that matters. If you’re from the Back Mountain area, call Slocum Insurance today to decide the best tenant rent insurance plan is right for you.

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